Email for life

Email for life

Your EURECOM email address ( firstname [dot] lastname [at] eurecom [dot] fr ) is an EMAIL-FOR-LIFE ! It has never stopped working since the day you joined EURECOM.

You can check emails in your eurecom email account using the webmail or choose to forward your eurecom emails to a personal email account.


You can access/send emails from your eurecom email account using the webmail:

1 - go to

2 - select IMAP Server (for Alumni)

3 - log in using your EURECOM-email login and password.

If you do not remember your EURECOM-email login or password, please follow the instructions here. Should you choose to contact the webmaster, he will make your email login and password become the same as your login and password for the alumni website.

Email forwarding

To have your eurecom emails forwarded to a personal email account, connect to